“Under the Radar – A True Story” By G. Elizabeth LeBlanc

G. Elizabeth LeBlanc has done it again. She has finished her latest book  and is in the process of getting it published. Please check back here for more information on this extraordinary story. Check the synopsis below.
“Under the Radar – A True Story”
This book is the biography of a woman who discovered that she was a “Black Market” baby. She could have been the girl next door, the woman who worked in the next cubicle; she could have been anyone. In fact, some of your friends could be hiding a secret like Lee Ann has. With this discovery comes shame, depression, inferiority, rebellion and lastly the difficulty to love and be loved.  They yearn for it but don’t know what it is.  They may search for their mother but with no records and no legal agreements, they feel lost.
Lee Ann’s adoption papers signed by her biological and adopted mothers were never completed. There was an exchange of money between the two women but no attorney ever filed the legal documents.  Her biological mother believed that her baby daughter had been legally adopted because she had signed the adoption papers.  The father named on the birth certificate never signed papers because he wasn’t her biological father. He had fallen in love with the young pregnant woman who had no one and wanted to give the baby a name.  Her “adoptive” parents were not married. She was truly raised in a dysfunctional family atmosphere.  Lee Ann discovered what her legal name was at seventeen: it was the third name she’d had since she was a baby.  But this third name was really hers… her legal name.   Finally, she knew why she felt as if she never belonged and why she was treated the way she was.  For so long, she felt that was why her life had begun to unravel.  When the abuse started at age nine; she had no idea what had happened. Her life was a rollercoaster of lies and abuse however, through it all that happened through her life, she managed to receive two beautiful gifts from God.
This story is reflective; based on real, and thought provoking events that happened in a woman’s life.  It reveals the choices that she made out of desperation:  her own two daughters and what she did to better herself and be able to provide for her family.  Her “adoptive mother” refused to acknowledge her at one point in her life and then they eventually reunited because of the two granddaughters.  Now, she seeks her birth mother and my goal is to give her some closure to her past and allow those wounds to heal.  Blending her life with her biological family and the hope for acceptance, will be one way that will happen. It will give her the connection and a feeling of belonging that she has longed for all her life.
          This is her story; this is her journey.  This was her life “Under the Radar”.
To correspond with G. Elizabeth LeBlanc about this novel please Email at undertheradar2014@yahoo.com
G. Elizabeth LeBlanc

Who Am I? The Gospel Truth About Mankind

Who Am I? The Gospel Truth About Mankind

Who Am I? The Gospel Truth About Mankind New Ebook: Many people are perplexed at life and rarely find fulfillment. People don’t always see the truth available to them; this is why I created this resource to help those who honestly are seeking to find fulfillment and purpose in life. I have felt the frustrations of life myself and always wanted someplace I could go to reflect on conflicts in life. Truth is not an elusive or relative concept; it is obtainable and reachable in this life. Read the thoughts within these pages and together we will take part in the journey called life.

W.B. Stiles

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Poetry By Stiles

Life is short but mine is full of memories that I have shared within this book of short poems. Experience the words and emotions as you read and learn to appreciate your life events.

Within these pages you will celebrate an anniversary, two weddings, a tribute to Mom, understand better my favorite time of the year, experience the storms in life, share a prayer with a broken heart and read the sad writing of a 13 year old. Eight segues into my life and experiences that vary in every emotion you can have. Enjoy them as I already have.
W.B. Stiles

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French Toast By G. Elizabeth LeBlanc

“French Toast” is a book of short stories that are written for everyone.  It is filled with a passion for love, family, emotions, memories of times gone by and of course, some romance.  It is written for busy people (like mom’s) who don’t get to sit down and read a real book but have the time to read a short story that is either romantic, timely and relaxing.  Some give you that warm and fuzzy feeling that we all need.  Please enjoy my book and let me know how you like it.  I’m hoping it will bring back memories and remind you of today.  It’s a “Toast to Life”.

Hello, my name is G. Elizabeth LeBlanc and I am a writer.

AuthorI have written for years and I am a country girl who loved to read and dream about faraway places. I started writing in my diaries and writing short stories when I was about 9. I was on the school newspaper and loved it. I’ve written newsletters for companies I’ve worked for and done research. I’ve managed to write all of my life and loved it. In the last couple of years, I got the courage to share my experiences and to have my writing published. I am excited about putting my thoughts and my heart out there for everyone to see. I don’t write deep, complicated stories. I write stories that will make you smile as well as thought-provoking stories. My stories are romantic at times because I believe that we all need to have passion and love in our life. It’s a natural emotion that we need to thrive and live. Some stories are of memories and my stories are easy to read and are more relaxing and thoughtful and they aren’t novels but something you can escape into during lunch, before bedtime and when you need to escape the real world for a few minutes. I hope you enjoy my first book of short stories “French Toast” – It was just recently published and I truly hope you all enjoy it. To read my EBook  Click Here.

Drop me a line and let me know. – My book “French Toast” is a “Toast to Life”.  Thank you!

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