Poetry By Stiles

Life is short but mine is full of memories that I have shared within this book of short poems. Experience the words and emotions as you read and learn to appreciate your life events.

Within these pages you will celebrate an anniversary, two weddings, a tribute to Mom, understand better my favorite time of the year, experience the storms in life, share a prayer with a broken heart and read the sad writing of a 13-year-old. Eight segues into my life and experiences that vary in every emotion you can have. Enjoy them as I already have.
W.B. Stiles

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French Toast By G. Elizabeth LeBlanc

“French Toast” is a book of short stories that are written for everyone.  It is filled with a passion for love, family, emotions, memories of times gone by and of course, some romance.  It is written for busy people (like mom’s) who don’t get to sit down and read a real book but have the time to read a short story that is either romantic, timely and relaxing.  Some give you that warm and fuzzy feeling that we all need.  Please enjoy my book and let me know how you like it.  I’m hoping it will bring back memories and remind you of today.  It’s a “Toast to Life”.

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